Let’s Start Botanical Art

Let’s Start Botanical Art is an eBook designed to help you Start Botanical Art.

In 12 Chapters and 57 pages I take you through the exact materials I own, the exact techniques I use and the exact process I follow - I’m not hiding any secrets here!

The guide is crammed full of easy to follow information, with 9 manageable projects as well as 2 full step-by-step tutorials to help you create your first botanical studies.

My aim is to help make Botanical Art accessible to everyone - the materials used are minimal and we start with the basic fundamentals of drawing and watercolour. 

I hope that Let’s Start Botanical Art provides you with a little bit of you-time - time to sit down, be creative, and enjoy the mediative process of putting paint to paper. I am a firm believer that creating art can result in huge improvements in our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Let’s Start Botanical Art is more than just an eBook. I am passionate about creating a little community as we incorporate painting and Botanical Art into our lives together… That is why I have created a Facebook group called ‘Let’s Start Botanical Art’ - open to only those who have purchased this guide. We can share tips, motivate and inspire one another. I will be checking in regularly and uploading videos and new tutorials. 



Who is this eBook for?

It is designed for complete beginners. We work through the materials I recommend, the ideal workspace set up, as well as the fundamental skills of drawing and using watercolours! You may also find it useful if you have some prior watercolour knowledge but feel you would benefit from some guidance transferring your skills to Botanical Art. 

How do I download it?

After your purchase via the button above you will receive a confirmation email and then a second email containing a download link. This download link will expire after 24 hours. 

Can I read it on any device?

Yes! Make sure you have a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or iBooks installed before downloading.

I didn’t receive the email with a download link, what should I do?

Please check that the email you entered when purchasing is correct. Also search for “Let’s Start Botanical Art” in your emails. 

How do I join the Facebook group?

Search for “Let’s Start Botanical Art” on Facebook and you should find the link.


How else can I engage with the Let’s Start Botanical Art community?

You can follow our Instagram page @letsstartbotanicalart, and use the hashtag #letsstartbotanicalart.