About Me


My name is Helen Cousins and I am a botanical illustrator and designer living in Kent, England. I have been studying botanical art since I was 18 years old, and painting for a lot longer than that! I was instantly drawn to the synergy of art and science that it represented. 

Now 27, the harmony of science and art is an ongoing theme in my life, as I continued to pursue botanical illustration whilst studying to become a doctor. Alongside my medical degree I completed the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma, graduating with a distinction and the Award For Excellence the same year I graduated from university. Since graduating, I have continued to practice the skills I have learnt, and over the last few years I have found the desire to share the knowledge and skills in botanical illustration which I have developed with others. 

One of the main reasons I am so keen to share the art of botanical illustration is because I strongly believe in the benefits that sitting down and painting - and creating art - can have on our well-being. As a practicing medical doctor I have a keen insight into the significant impact of mental health problems in the UK, and I have had the privilege, along with teams of other professionals, of helping individuals through their recovery. Clearly there is more substance and complexity to our mental health than painting a picture - but from first hand experience I have seen how the physical act of putting pencil, pen or paint to paper can be meditative, reduce stress, provide a sense of achievement, and generate a wonderful sense of community. 

I imagine myself working as a doctor and artist for the foreseeable future. I host local workshops in botanical illustration, as well as working on my own ideas and projects. I also accept personal and commercial commissions. 

I'm so grateful for you for taking a few moments out of your busy day to browse my space here on the internet. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Take time to do more of what makes your soul happy

Helen x