Spring Bulb Workshop

On the 6th April I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach once again at the beautiful Italianate Glasshouse in Ramsgate, Kent.

The title of the workshop was “Spring Bulbs” and we focussed on painting beautiful tulips.

Initially you would think that a tulip would be a simple botanical subject to paint, due to it’s fairly simple structure and shape. However, when you study tulips closely there is a lot to consider: the shape of the petals, the beautiful details veining in each petal, the light catching on the gentle undulations, as well as the large sweeping leaves.

Italianate Workshop 8.jpg

We had a great time breaking the process down into manageable steps - and the students came away with a greater understanding of how to study a botanical subject, create a clean, crisp and accurate line drawing, how to transfer that drawing onto watercolour paper, and how to use watercolour to create a painting that glows and jumps off the paper.

As always the owner of the Glasshouse, Janice, provided us with delicious teas, coffees, lunches and cakes. Initially it was a cloudy chilly morning, but the sun soon came out and our layers of clothing came off!

I am so looking forward to my next local workshops - do make sure that you sign up to my newsletter on this website to be the first to hear about when/where they are happening!