Let's Start Botanical Art

Let's Start Botanical Art


Let’s Start Botanical Art is an eBook designed to help you Start Botanical Art.

In 12 Chapters and 57 pages I take you through the exact materials I own, the exact techniques I use and the exact process I follow - I’m not hiding any secrets here!

The guide is crammed full of easy to follow information, with 9 manageable projects as well as 2 full step-by-step tutorials to help you create your first botanical studies. 

My aim is to help make Botanical Art accessible to everyone - the materials used are minimal and we start with the basic fundamentals of drawing and watercolour. 

I hope that Let’s Start Botanical Art provides you with a little bit of you-time - time to sit down, be creative, and enjoy the mediative process of putting paint to paper. I am a firm believer that creating art can result in huge improvements in our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

I am passionate about creating a little community as we incorporate painting and Botanical Art into our lives together… That is why I have created a Facebook group called ‘Let’s Start Botanical Art’ that is open to only those who have purchased this guide. We can share tips, motivate and inspire one another. I will be checking in regularly and uploading videos and new tutorials. 

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