Time for a change

Hello, and welcome to my blog! 

I'm so glad that you have found yourself here - be that intentionally, or following one of those mindless internet trail of distractions that we can all succumb to! 

I've had a blog for a long time... about 6 years in fact. It was over on wordpress.com. It was my baby, and looking back at it, it's been a journal for my first few years of botanical illustration. But it's time for a big change. 

Petals & Paints, circa 2012. 

Petals & Paints, circa 2012. 

It was called 'Petal & Paints', and I shall be keeping the name - my perpetually sentimental self can't let it go.

6 years down the line, a lot has changed. I have a job (a non-creative one!), I paint even more than I used to, and I have a website (and online shop!). My goals and dreams have evolved and matured as I have.

As I have learnt more, I want to begin to share more; more of my art, work from other artists (exhibition highlights and reviews, and featured artists), and advice for aspiring artists & creatives.

I also want to begin to share more about the things that I'm passionate about, and I hope these things will be interesting to read too - including looking after our bodies and minds (and the role of creativity in this).

You can read a bit more about me, and how I come to find myself writing this blog here. Otherwise, please browse to your heart's content.