Assignment 2

I really struggled with what to draw for my second assignment… If I sit at home and try and decide from scratch what my next subject will be I get absolutely nowhere. I need to be in a garden, or in a nursery, or just in nature to get inspiration.

People often try and give me ideas, and it never works (namely my Mother – love you, Mum) I get a feeling when I see the right flower or plant, I can’t really explain it. This time is was a new nursery I discovered in the New Forest in Hampshire. I couldn’t make my decision there and then, and came home with a house Jasmine, and an interesting looking Fern.

I started with the Jasmine, and kept going!

6 weeks (or so) later it's finished… And, most excitingly I have completed all the art diploma work that I will need to whilst also tackling university work; my next assignment (leaves in watercolour) will have my undivided attention!

I thought I would do a short summary of the process of drawing the Jasmine polyanthum. 


The finished piece:


Thank you for taking the time to read this post - I hope it is a useful read, particularly for those embarking on the diploma yourselves. I know I find it hugely helpful reading assignment blog posts from other artists when I'm working on a piece!