Assignment 3

I was really excited for Assignment 3, but for various reasons (including finishing my 4th year at University, moving house and county, and welcoming into the world 7 jackapoo puppies) I only had 2 weeks to paint, rather than 2 months. Those 2 weeks were manic, and unfortunately I couldn’t create exactly what I wanted. Here is a short photographic summary of assignment 3.


For this piece, I really struggled with the composition. A minimum of 8 leaves are required, and I wanted to avoid just plonking down (love that word) 8 leaves on a page. I wasn’t too happy with my final composition, but with time constraints it would do!

You can see in the images below how I plan my compositions: I create ink tracings of each of my drawings, and then it's easy to be able to move them around - I then take photos, just like the ones below, to compare which I think is best!

Below you can see a few images of each of the leaves in stages as I painted them. 












The final piece:



I hope you've liked reading this post - the photos are not brilliant quality (they are curtesy of iPhone circa 2012), but I hope it gives you an idea of the progression of this assignment!